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Spatial resolution icon
Spatial resolution

A better look at your sample with improved spatial resolution while maintaining optical-sectioning capabilities.

SNR resolution icon
Signal to noise

Take advantage of the super-brightness effect in order to collect high-resolution images with unprecedented signal-to-noise ratio.

Temporal resolution icon
Temporal resolution

Explore temporal dimension by performing fluorescence lifetime imaging without compromise.


  • Optical Module Icon

    A high-end tailored module
    for super resolution.

  • Compatibility Icon

    Maximum compatibility with
    existing scanning techniques.

  • Installation Icon

    Plug and Play installation
    and\or upgrade.

  • Autoalignment Icon

    Autocalibration and
    alignment diagnostic tools.



Discover PRISM unique capabilities

Use your regular fluorescent dyes and image your sample with improved spatial resolution while maintaining confocal capabilities.

Take advantage of better SNR in order to image deeper in your sample.

Use 10 times lower illumination power (with respect to standard confocal) for less photodamage and photobleaching.

Explore temporal dimension and perform FLIM experiments.



Our system can be provided as a STAND-ALONE module
or COUPLED to a regular microscope body.