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Get the best performance for your custom setup, dedicated to expert users and OEM systems.


Upgrade to super-resolution, for commercial microscopes and third-party microscope bodies.


Choose premium performance with our portable all-in-one super-resolution microscope.

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PRISM-Light is the best option for expert users building their own laser-scanning setups. It offers our ISM technology at its best, while allowing for maximum flexibility and integration freedom. You can choose among different OEM configurations and decide whether you want to adopt CARMA control platform or you prefer to implement your own acquisition protocols.

PRISM-Add-on is the optimal solution if you want to have a traditional microscope body, but still want to have access to the latest ISM super-resolution technology offered by Genoa Instruments. PRISM-Add-on is also well-suited for the upgrade of exhisting confocal and widefield systems.

PRISM-Desktop is our top-notch solution for super-resolution microscopy, it offers spatial and temporal super-resolution combined into the same instrument, it's portable, and it comes fully equipped with our CARMA control software.

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Which are PRISM unique capabilities?

Available for all configurations.
Spatial resolution icon
Spatial super-resolution

A better look at your sample with improved spatial resolution (2X) while maintaining optical-sectioning capabilities.

SNR resolution icon
Improved signal-to-noise

Take advantage of the ISM super-brightness effect in order to collect high-resolution images with unprecedented signal-to-noise ratio (10X).

Temporal resolution icon
Unlimited lifetime imaging

Explore the temporal domain and perform fluorescence lifetime imaging without compromise and while collecting super-resolved images.

And that's not all

  • Optical Module Icon

    No need for specific training
    or custom sample preparation.

  • Compatibility Icon

    Full access to the RAW data
    for the best imaging performance.

  • Installation Icon

    Plug and Play installation
    and\or upgrade.

  • Autoalignment Icon

    Autocalibration and
    alignment diagnostic tools.


Let's introduce CARMA

Our FPGA-based software platform for real-time image acquisition and processing.

CARMA has been specifically designed by our team for controlling PRISM technology. It is conceived for working with Image Scanning Microscopy technique but it is versatile and compatible with all scanning techniques.

All PRISM configurations can be equipped with CARMA, the best control software for ISM imaging. While PRISM-Desktop includes CARMA by default, for PRISM-Light and PRISM-Add-on CARMA is optional.

The platform is based on the latest FPGA technology, it allows full control of digital and analog devices and it offers the best performance for multi-sensor imaging thanks to its simultaneous independent acquisition capabilities.

Not only for PRISM... CARMA can indeed be used also to control custom laser-scannig microscopes.
It was originally used in DiasproLab and VicidominiLab at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia.



Discover PRISM unique capabilities

Use your regular fluorescent dyes and image your sample with improved spatial resolution while maintaining confocal capabilities.

Take advantage of better SNR in order to image deeper in your sample.

Use 10 times lower illumination power (with respect to standard confocal) for less photodamage and photobleaching.

Explore temporal dimension and perform FLIM experiments.